Window Cleaning Service

Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning in Sydney

Sparkling clean windows provide your business or home with a more welcoming appearance. From office buildings to houses, we clean all types of windows. Give your business or home that beautiful look that it deserves. The end result that you receive is guaranteed to be outstanding, based on our use of specialised equipment and tools and our many years of experience in the field. The team at PCS  Window Cleaning has proven expertise in servicing both commercial, strata and residential properties. We use extensively tested window cleaning methods that are appropriate for each specific task.


Why Choose PCS Window Cleaning Services in Sydney

  • Clean windows provide your business or home with an improved appearance.
  • Our Professional Window Cleaning services will save you both energy and time.
  • You will not need to be concerned with your safety.
  • Our cleaners are among the most experienced in all of Sydney and always take all of the necessary safety precautions when cleaning your windows.
  • We bring our own detergents and equipment so you don’t need to worry about anything. Providing your windows with regular maintenance will prevent them from becoming permanently damaged due to accumulated debris and dirt and also extends their lifespan.


What Our Window Cleaning Service Includes

Upon arrival, our professional cleaners thoroughly inspect your windows. They will begin by cleaning the window frames and removing any cobwebs. Next, they will clean the glass inside and outside and wipe down the window ledges and sills. Usually, external windows are cleaned using purified water, which we supply, by feeding it through an extension pole. This allows the glass to dry streak-free and naturally, with all water minerals and impurities filtered out before we wash your windows. This is a very effective technique for eliminating excess dust build-up and stains from exterior windows. Our cleaning technicians can clean windows as high as the fourth floor using this method.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do my windows need to be cleaned?

That completely depends on your individual preferences. However, cleaning your windows on a regular basis will help to extend the glass pane’s lifespan due to routinely eliminating acidic contamination which can damage the window pane over time. Also, commercial properties, like office buildings and front shops need to have regularly scheduled window cleaning.

Will my floors get wet during window cleaning?

No. All of our window cleaners have undergone extensive professional training. They will make sure that the surrounding area under your interior windows are covered with a mat or sheet so that your carpeting or floor is sufficiently protected.

Do you use detergents?

When the water-fed pole method is employed, we only use purified water. When we wash windows manually, only pet and child-friendly cleaning agents are used that have been tested for safety.

What happens if it begins to rain on the day of my scheduled service?

Unfortunately, heavy rain will force us to postpone your window cleaning booking. Usually, light drizzle does not pose any problems for us and we can still provide you with high-quality service. However, you still have the right to reschedule your appointment for another day.


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