Our Terms & Conditions


Payment Methods

Payment should be made after the completion of work in cash if no other method is agreed upon between THI THU TRAN ABN 85 877 820 708 trading as PCS – PROFESSIONAL CLEANERS SYDNEY  & PCS – Builders Cleaning and Home Cleaners and customer.

  • We accept Cash, Visa, Cheque and mastercard or Visa
  • We also accept payment by American Express/ AMEX Card with 2% surcharge.
  • If the payment made does not match our payment terms or is late, then we have the right to take action against the client to recover the debt and the fees incurred from engaging the debt collector will be charged on top of the original invoiced amount to the client
  • If the payment method has been agreed as Credit Card and for any reason, the transaction is not completed, then we will consider the payment ‘On Account’ per the Terms and Conditions of the Invoice.
  • We accept cheques only if an account has been set up before to the job.
  • In case if the account has been set up and the payment is not made by the due date, or payment is dishonoured PCS holds the right to charge a reasonable Administration Fee which will not exceed $25

Quoted Services

Prices quoted for the services and any information contained on the quote is owned by our company. Further, we hold the right to change the quotation any time without any prior notice. Therefore it is advised to the customers to check the updated prices before making an appointment. Also, our technicians reserve the rights to change the quoted prices onsite if the conditions or size of the item is different to what was originally specified over the phone or at the time the onsite quote was done.

Additional (surcharges) charges may be charged for weekends, after hours or public holidays. Moreover, it is the client’s responsibility to organise parking for the cleaners.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • We will charge a call out fee of $90 per cleaner if the booking is cancelled on the arrival of our cleaners.
  • If the client cancels the booking before one business (24 hours) of the commencement of work, no cancellation charges shall be applied. For the booking cancellation and amendments, we insist you inform us by phone – we do not accept cancellations via SMS
  • We reserve the rights to cancel the job if we deem the condition of the site is dangerous for the safety, health or well being of our staff and a cancellation fee of $90 per cleaner will be charged
  • We reserve the right to cancel the job if unexpected circumstances occur eg. heavy rain which impacts the safety and working conditions of our cleaners

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